Age of Wulin Sect : Tang Clan

The Tang Clan is a family sect, renowned in the Wulin for its use of hidden weapons and poisons. It has been in the Jianghu for several hundred years, but is still shrouded in mystery. Disciples of the clan are skilled in strategy and the development of all kinds of hidden weapons and poisons. They rarely move around in the Jianghu preferring to stay in the family castle located in Chongqing, Sichuan. The castle is heavily fortified; it is covered with hidden weapons and secret devices making entry extremely hazardous. The head of Tang is elected from the lineal disciples and he keeps the four family treasures: The scroll, robe, marble, and staff.

They prefer to use the dagger and the flying dart as they are easily concealed, suiting their underhand methods.

Fighting Style
Tang special skills focus on controlling others, absorbing their HP and internal energy. Their hidden weapons are used for ranged attacks, but are not suited to melee attack, however, if they do win in melee attacks, they add negative BUFFS to their enemies.
Their poisons are very effective and can penetrate strong defences.

Sect position
The members of Tang don’t like to show themselves in the martial-art world; they are extremely secretive and mysterious,
The Tang Clan is a Neutral sect.

Rank (for each school)
You gain school reputation through your assignments and your training.
You will be able to challenge higher-ranking NPCs from within your own sect. If you win the fight you will gain their title and obtain the outfit suited to your new rank.
Will you be able to take the place of the chief of your sect?