Age of Wulin Sect : Shaolin

In the 19th year of the reign of the Northern Wei Dynasty, an Indian monk, Batuo, was greatly admired by Emperor Xiaowendi.
Whilst travelling, the monk came across a mountain range that looked like a lotus flower, where he wished to establish a monastery: the emperor granted his wish and had a temple built on Shaoshi Mountain, from where the school derived its name – the Shaolin Temple.
Disciples of the Shaolin Sect focus on external skills, in which they are widely considered to be matchless.

The principal weapon of choice is the staff, which is used in close combat, but can also reach further than a sword or blade. The Shaolin are also competent at  very close range and can use their empty-hand skills to launch powerful attacks.

Fighting Style
Their martial art skills are powerful and direct; the moves focus on close range attacks which inflict more damage and provide better defence. They have great survival capabilities.

Sect Position
By joining the Shaolin Sect you will learn to hone your attack and defence skills. This sect offers a vast amount of knowledge and skills.
The Shaolin Sect has its own martial arts theories and has come to be the most respected faction in the Chinese martial arts world.
The Shaolin Sect is a Righteous sect, leading the way in upholding moral standards and justice.

Real Life School
Based on the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy located in Siping City (northern China)
What's Shaolin kung fu? It is a style that builds moral character; it promotes fluid circulation and strengthens the body, whilst improving the coordination of the limbs and increasing the agility of the mind and the body. It trains martial arts skills to such a degree that victory can be achieved in all forms of conflict.

There is no age requirement to start a training in the Shaolin Academy in China. It is simply advised the student be in good health and physical condition.
You must respect the school rules and follow the training. If your teacher thinks you can’t stay at the Academy you can be dismissed at anytime.
Shaolin Academy is not just about hard training everyday, there are also classroom lessons.
The training is not free: you will have to pay around €4000 for the first year.

Foreign students are welcome, there are between 10-30 arrivals each year. There are between three and six Shaolin monks to teach each student the martial art techniques. (Most of the teachers do not speak English and translators are provided during the training.)
For the students who are staying for a whole year or longer at the academy, there is only a one week break in their training during the annual national Spring Festival holiday which is from January 24th to January 30th. You can choose to stay at the academy, travel, or return to your family.

The academy occupies approximately 30,000m² and there are 10,000m² of living and training facilities on the mountain.

Shaolin Academy - Training Video