Age of Wulin Sect : Scholar's Academy

The Scholar’s Academy was established by Prince Bieqing and the famed scholar Shi Yanbing after they met on Taihu Lake and became firm friends. They decided to establish the academy, located on the shores of the lake, so that they might associate with like-minded people: people talented in literature, music and painting.
The members of the Scholar’s Academy are all refined scholars and highly skilled in the four Confucian arts of guqin,  Chinese chess (weiqi), calligraphy and painting, as well as some unusual martial arts that use music and dance as their principal attack methods. They emphasise internal training and the cultivation of internal energy.

They are highly skilled in the refined art of the sword and their ‘Limitless Sword Technique’ is renowned in the Jianghu, they also use musical instruments as weapons as well as empty-hand techniques.

Fighting Style
The disciples of the sect utilise the magical power of music in their attack strategies, inflicting great but short-lived damage. Should they not inflict great damage in one attack, they are open to counter-attack owing to their low defensive capabilities. They can attack multiple players at the same time, but they only have limited sets of moves. They also only have limited skill in long-range combat.

Sect Position
Disciples of the Scholar’s Academy are literary men and women, highly skilled in the guqin, Chinese chess, calligraphy and dance. They are all refined and profoundly educated, not concerning themselves with the mundane struggles within the Wulin.
They are a neutral sect.

Rank (for each sect)
You gain sect reputation through your assignments and training.
You will be able to challenge higher-ranking NPCs from within your own sect. If you win the fight you will gain their title and obtain the outfit suited to your new rank.
Will you be able to take the place of the chief of your sect?