Age of Wulin Sect : Blissful Valley

The creator of the Blissful Valley Sect was a very astute man but he had a temperamental nature; he was also skilled in the lost art of fortune-telling. Because he predicted that he would not live beyond 46 years of age, he created the Blissful Valley in order to escape his fate and cheat death. In support of his cause, he recruited many sinister and ruthless figures who relied on vicious martial arts skills to rampage in the Jianghu, killing indiscriminately. Blissful Valley is located on a secret island in Yunmeng Lake and is surrounded by hills, which act as a natural barrier and choke point. It is regarded as the most dangerous and immoral sect within the Wulin.

They prefer to use the twin broadsword for its strong and direct power. They are also skilled in the twin-short sword, as well as in empty-hand techniques.

Fighting Style
They have special skills in creating traps and are proficient in ranged attacks, as well as defensive techniques. They can also surround themselves in a protective cloud in order to make a quick getaway.

School Position
Blissful Valley is an Evil sect in the Jianghu

Rank (for each school)
You gain school reputation through your assignments and your training.
You will be able to challenge NPCs from your school which hold a higher rank. If you win the fight you will gain their title and obtain the outfit which is paired with your new rank.

Will you be able to take the place of the Headmaster of your school?