Age of Wulin Sect : Beggars' Sect

In every dynasty there were beggars. They often went out in groups and always punished villains; they are somewhat similar to the legend of ‘Robin Hood’ in the West; the Beggars’ Sect became the largest school in the Jianghu and their ‘Dog Beating Staff Technique’ and ‘Eighteen Dragon-subduing Palms’ are widely renowned.
The Beggars’ Sect has branches spreading across all provinces, although it could be considered that their headquarters are in the capital of China, Beijing. As the largest school in the Jianghu they can collect information and join a fight very quickly, which is a great advantage.

Palms are the weapon of choice for their strong and direct power, although a staff or stick is also known to be used. Their two ultimate skills are the famous ‘Dog Beating Staff Technique and Eighteen Dragon-subduing Palms’.

Fighting Style
Their moves inflict a great deal of damage but their defense is of less concern. They do however, on account of their knowledge in the field, have good defence against poisons.
The sect is famous for its ‘Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’ and its ‘Dog Beating Staff Technique’, which are only passed down from a chief to his successor. The green jade staff which is carried by the chief is  a symbol of his leadership.

Sect Position
There have been beggars in every dynasty that have formed alliances to defend against injustices and fight for righteousness. By the end of the Song dynasty the Beggars’ Sect had become one of the foremost righteous sects in the Jianghu.
Although beggars occupy the lowest position in society, many of them are of noble character, remaining steadfast, unyielding, and maintaining impeccable moral standards. They would not hesitate to give up their lives in the name of righteousness and comradeship.

Beggars’ Sect is a Righteous Sect


Rank (for each school)
You gain school reputation through your assignments and your training.
You will be able to challenge NPCs from your school which hold a higher rank. If you win the fight you will gain their title and obtain the outfit which is paired with your new rank.
Will you be able to take the place of the Headmaster of your school?